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Last Sunday was one of those days; it rained all day, the air was cold. Unfortunately, we run into an unexpected medical problem. A visit to the local urgent care center was in order. The short medical trip resulted in two prescriptions.

Going to the local CVS drug store did not appeal to either of us, so I suggested trying something new. I called Hope Street Pharmacy and asked if they have these medications available. A friendly person on the other end asked me to fax the prescription and they will let me know. With the fax, I included our insurance card along with a request for delivery. In about 15 minutes, I received a phone call; asking the usual questions, such as allergy for medications, etc. She also told me that the driver would be leaving soon. About a half hour later, we had the medicines at our doorstep. Altogether, it took less time than going to CVS, waiting for the fill and coming back home. Our insurance picked up the cost, just as it would have paid at CVS or any other big chain pharmacies.

I am sharing this story for one reason only. If you live in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien neighborhoods you have an option to use your friendly neighborhood pharmacy, instead of going to one of the big and impersonal chain stores. You will have friendly service, and option for delivery and so much more. Hope Street Pharmacy also blister package or daily/weekly/monthly dose package medications per special request. They also provide compounding and many other special services to improve the life of others.