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PostHeaderIcon Housing Help in Westchester

Last week I had an opportunity to meet some of the staff of Westchester Residential Opportunities Inc.
It was a great pleasure to talk with these ladies who are caring and compassionate individuals committed to help every person who walks through their doors.
I wanted to share their information with my readers and spread the word, that housing help is available in Westchester.

Help for those with limited means and/or challenges

WRO is a 42-year old nonprofit housing counseling agency whose mission is to promote equal, accessible and affordable housing for all residents of Westchester County. Since 1968, WRO has championed the expansion of nondiscriminatory housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income people, minorities, senior citizens and persons with disabilities, including the psychiatrically disabled.

Core services include:

  1. eviction and utility shut-off prevention
  2. mortgage foreclosure prevention
  3. senior housing assistance, including counseling for reverse equity mortgages
  4. first-time home buyer counseling and financial education
  5. supported housing for persons recovering from mental illness
  6. subsidized home modifications for persons with mobility impairments
  7. investigation of housing discrimination

More information is available in their website at


7 minute video