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In June, I invited Karen Caccavo, Personal Money Manager, to provide a guest blog for MedBillsAssist Blog. Karen is a daily money manager (DMM)—which was NOT the topic of her blog, but this month it is because I find that a DMM is another professional that my clients might need in their quest to come up from under overwhelming paperwork. While I handle the medical bill tasks, Karen is a “paper generalist.” She has an MBA in finance from the Wharton School, so really knows the financial paperwork and how to make sense of it and how to communicate with your broker, financial planner, attorney and CPA.

But I will let Karen explain what she does:
Late payment notices, overdraft fees, missed paperwork deadlines, confusing invoices–not keeping up with paperwork can be costly and stressful for people of all ages and especially overwhelming for people facing medical challenges and seniors. A trusted family member or friend can help, but people often do not want to be a burden or might not have a support system in place. Letting things “slip through the cracks” can be disastrous and costly.
Here is where a daily money manager comes to the rescue. Ours is a relatively new profession but a needed one. We’re not accountants, attorneys, or financial planners but we often provide the “boots on the ground” for these professionals working with individuals who want or need in-home help with paperwork and accumulated clutter.
My current clients range in age from 18 to 94 and access my services on a weekly, monthly or “as needed” basis. Some of my clients are simply outsourcing that aspect of their lives—relying on me to open mail, pay bills, track their spending, organize paperwork for taxes and bring to their attention important correspondence. Others simply can’t keep up with these essential tasks any more because of age or medical condition. My assistance helps them keep their independence. Each client is different and I tailor my services to their needs.

Karen Rosenberg Caccavo, MBA is owner of Personal Money Manager, a daily money management firm. She can be reached through her website, or or LinkedIn.