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PostHeaderIcon ACA Enrollment Numbers


The government had released the demographic breakdown of ACA enrollment. The NY Times, like most people, jumped on the occasion to beat up the enrollment statistics. The financial viability of the ACA is questioned, due to the perceived low number of young people purchasing ACA plans. Quote from the Times:

“Of those who signed up in the first three months, administration officials said, 55 percent are age 45 to 64. Only 24 percent of those choosing a health insurance plan are 18 to 34, a group that is usually healthier and needs fewer costly medical services. People 55 to 64 — the range just below the age at which people qualify for Medicare — represented the largest group, at 33 percent.”

Maybe I am wrong, but I can play with numbers as well…

The age group of 18-34 is misleading to start with; ACA allows the parents to purchase insurance for their kids up to age 26. Not to mention that some of the states had based the ACA cost on age groups. But let’s not get hung up on facts and say the age group is correct. Maybe we should look at US population data, based on this age group.

The US Census Bureau last December released the 2012 population survey supplement. Based on this document, the population for the age group of 18-34 is 71.6 million; the age group percentage of the total population (308.9 million) is 23.3%. So, why the Times states “only 24 percent”, when statistically that is the correct percentage for this age group? Not to mention that, if one takes into account parents buying health insurance for their kids, the population of the age group of 25-34 is 41.1 million, or 13.4% of the population.

The number game being played out is just that, a game. The insurance companies behind these numbers are already “crying wolf” as a preparation to increase ACE provided insurance premiums. They really don’t care, if the increased premium will come from people, or the government. It’s all the same for them, more profits…