PostHeaderIcon Healthcare reform update – part two

The Senate Finance Committee approved their version of the healthcare bill. This proposal eliminated the public option and left states to fend for the uninsured and formerly untaxed medical coverages and insurances are now ridden with taxes — insurance policies that cost over $8,000 annually will herein be taxed.  Individuals without insurance will be penalized.
The new proposal contains long needed reforms, such as elimination of any pre-existing conditions penalties as well as the removal of lifetime caps.  Other measures, such as elimination of co-pays and deductibles, could be beneficial but we all need to remember that added benefits carry added cost.  

Both houses are working to combine five healthcare proposals to come up with two competing bills. Somewhere along the line, Congress lost track of the need to devise a bill that is best suited for this nation as a whole. The goal now is to formulate a bill that will pass with enough votes.

Healthcare reform is too important just to pass any bill. The erroneous bill will do more harm than good.

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  • Henleigh says:

    I worry about the Healthcare Law. Can it create negative reprocussions to my loved ones budget? How do the benefits outweigh the negative aspects?

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